2006 Sheng Yunnan Tuocha Tea, Xiaguan Tea Factory – Crane Label, Te Ji 100g

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The highest grade tuocha (Te Ji) offered by the Xiaguan tea factory. The 100 gram weight makes it very accessible for those who want to try a superior sheng (raw) pu’er tea from 2006 at an affordable price.

Originated from Dali (Yunnan) we have this beautiful 2006 Toucha from the well-known Xiaguan tea factory. Brew this tea and you can definitely notice the excellent taste due to high quality raw materials used. This bowl shaped tea consists of first batch March 2006 Spring leaves. We guarantee 100% authenticity of this tea, verified by our in-house tea experts.

Why buy new pu erh tea and what for years before the taste has matured? This Xiaguan tuocha tea is ready to be enjoyed right after you receive it at your doorstep. As you can imagine stock for this excellent masterpiece is limited. Order yours today at a competitive price and make it part of your pu erh collectables.

What's the grade of this tuocha tea?

The Xiaguan brand toucha's are classified using the following grades: superior grade (特级), excellent grade (甲级), first grade (一级). This toucha belongs to the highest superior grade.

What is toucha?

Like all our authentic pu erh teas, this one is also from Yunnan, the birth place of tea. The term 'tuocha' originates from a trading route of the Tuo river. Because 'cha' means tea in Chinese, this tea is known as 'tuocha'.

Shou versus sheng

What beginning pu erh tea drinkers don't know is that this tea type can be divided into 'shou' (ripe) and 'sheng' (raw). The terminology is a bit confusing, because in fact both types are actually ripened. The difference is that Sheng puerhs are naturally ripened over time, while Shou puerhs undergo a post-fermentation stage in which the oxidation process is speedup.

What to try first?

If you're just beginning to explore pu erh, it's usual that you can't decide whether you should start with a shou or sheng pu erh first. Generally, shou pu erh has a more accessible taste to most people, even if it's only aged for a few years (2-5) years. It's good to try this out first. Most pu erh tea lovers will eventually like sheng pu erh tea more. If you're going for the latter, make sure to purchase one that's ripened for at least 5 years, or even better around 10 years (like the toucha you see on this page). If you can afford to purchase both at the same time, why choose? Try them both at the same time, to discover faster what's the best for you.

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