2019 Man Zhuan Shan Gu Shu Raw Pu Erh Tea Cake 357g

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A gu shu pu erh from Man Zhuan Shan, one of the six famous tea mountains in Yunnan. It's a rare, large leaf pu erh consisting of leaves from old trees. An exceptional raw pu erh tea that's hard to find, even in China.

A fine Chinese tea cake made from old ancient tree ('gu shu') leaves from Man Zhuan Mountain. The area is located at 1200 meters elevation. Pu erh from this region is know for it's sticky texture and wonderful aging potential.

This pu erh is characterised by dark tea leaves with white buds that produces a bright yellow-orange tea liquor. You will first experience full and intense flavours that has a slightly fresh bitterness to it on the surface of the tongue, followed by a balanced fragrant sweet finish. Spring tea leaves of this pu erh are from forests in Man Zhuan Mountain, with excellent natural conditions to grow tea leaves. Even after finishing your cup, the fragrance will stay on the bottom of your tea cup, it's a tea beloved by people who really know about pu erh cha.

Premium quality from the Six Famous Tea Mountains

This premium puer tea cake is sourced directly from one of the 'six famous tea mountains' in Yunnan: Man Zhuan Shan. Puer tea leaves from large wild tea trees in these mountains are considered the best available. The six famous mountains are a group of mountain hills in Xishuangbanna, known for its perfect natural conditions that provide the ideal environment for puer. Similar to wine this produces unique taste profiles.

Raw pu erh versus ripe puer beeng cha

There is an important distinction between raw and ripe puer and the answer lies in the way it is processed. Both types are wilted and fried after picking. However, ripe puer is also pilled and dampened to articificially increase the speed of post-fermentation, before they are pressed in tea cakes. The puer on this product page is a raw puer tea cake. Tea cakes are also known as 'beeng cha'.

Drink now or store for later?

This premium quality gu shu puer can actually be enjoyed directly in its first year. In contrast, mediocre sheng pu erh need more time to ripen before it obtains a complex aroma and smoothness of taste. Yet, given it's excellent potential, we advise to buy this tea for storage, rather drinking it now.

Does this cake increase in value over the years?

Like a good Bordeaux wine, is expected that the price of premium sheng pu erhs increases over the years when stored properly in a cool, dry and well ventilated place.

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