Alishan Milky Oolong Tea

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ntense creamy taste with floral undertone. A one-of-a-kind tea from Taiwan with a fantastically bold taste resulting from its unique roasting process. Our Ali Shan Milky Oolong offers you great depth of flavor that lasts into even the fifth brew.

The creamy milk flavor of this oolong is due to a special processing method that is applied: Milk flavors are roasted together with the fresh leaves. That's why you will even taste the creaminess up to the fifth brew.

What are the health benefits of drinking Ali Shan Milky Oolong Tea?

Health benefits of Ali Shan Milk Oolong include: better skin condition, healthy teeth and a stronger immune system. Researchers found that drinking oolong tea long each day helps to clear up skin problems within one month. A study showed that regular consumption of oolong tea strengthens teeth and helps prevent tooth decay by inhibiting the build-up of plaque. Try our milk oolong and you will see that it has very little astringency and an abundance of natural sweetness. This oolong tea has been given a very light roasting, which enhances the milk fragrance “奶香” (“nai xiang”) of the tea.

How to steep Ali Shan Milky Oolong?

Steep Ali Shan Milky Oolong leaves for 4 minute with 95 degree water. Smell the milky aroma before savoring the delicious cup combining the deep, rich flavor of Oolong with the creamy and full aroma of milk.

Which region is Ali Shan Milky Oolong from?

The Ali Shan Milky Oolong is native to Taiwan.  Taiwan, named by the Dutch traders as “Formosa”, meaning “beautiful island”, remains as the only region in the world that produces the tea. The special “Jinxuan” Oolong growing in Ali Shan (Ali Mountain) comes with a unique natural milk flavor, due to the soil condition and production method. This scent has been enhanced with adding additional milk flavor during the frying process.

Ali Shan Milky Oolong in Chinese: 阿里山金萱奶香乌龙茶 - Ālǐ shān jīn xuān nǎi xiāng wū long

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