Da Hong Pao Tea - Wuyi Big Red Robe Tea

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Enjoy a sophisticated, complex flavour with woody roast, aroma of orchid flowers, finished with subtle caramelised sweetness. Up to 12 steeps when applying Chinese kungfu brewing as you can expect from a true Wuyi rock tea.

Da Hong Pao, the most popular Wuyi rock tea direct from its origin Wuyishan, Fujian. This authentic oolong has the characteristic 'rock' flavor from the mineral rich hills of the protected Wuyishan nature reserve. The large dark leaves brew bright orange soup that demonstrate a lasting flowery fragrance of orchid. Drinks smooth and gives you with a satisfying aftertaste.

Ever wondered why this tea is actually called Da Hong Pao? Read the legend by clicking the link below:

The Legend of Da Hong Pao

Kungfu brewing recommended

Independent from teaware you use to steep Da Hong Pao, the steeping temperature should be always at 100 C (212 F). For easy brewing simply steep 2-5 gram of leaves for 3-4 minutes in a teapot or mug. However, to fully appreciate rock tea, it's highly recommended to steep it in a yixing teapot or gaiwan, using the Chinese flash brewing (or kungfu brewing) method. See below the instructions for kungfu brewing.

Rinse the teaware with hot water.
Fill the teapot or gaiwan 1/2 full with leaves.
Add hot water to rinse the leaves and discard the water. 
Add hot water again and steep for just 5 seconds before serving.
For the second brew increase the steeping time to 8 seconds.
For the third brew increase the steeping time to 15 seconds.

You can steep Da Hong Pao up to 8 times when using this flash brewing method. For the fourth brew and after, adjust the steeping time accordingly at each step. Use the experience of the previous steeps to determine the brewing time. If the previous brew was too light, then try increase the steeping time more. If the previous brew was too strong, then try to steep the next brew shorter. Notice the taste and aroma evolving at each step, which makes drinking this tea so pleasurable.

Which region of China is Da Hong Pao tea from?

Red Robe Da Hong Pao’s legendary taste and flavor is partly due to the almost ethereal environment it grows in. Da Hong Pao originates from Wuyishan (Mount Wuyi) and is part of the Wuyi Cliff Tea family. The mountain range is located in Fujian Province, where most superior oolong teas are from.

The oldest Da Hong Pao teas are preserved as a national treasure in the China National Museum. In ancient history, Red Robe Da Hong Pao was one of the most valuable tea in China, produced for only the discerning few.

Health Benefits

While Da Hong Pao lovers mainly buy this Wuyi tea for its taste, they at the same time enjoy many health benefits. What you hear most rock tea fans say is that they love to drink this infusion after heavy meals or when they require more mental energy. Wuyi oolong tea clears the mind, reduces fatigue, improves digestion and has detoxifies the body.

Red Robe Da Hong Pao and other oolong teas are rich in antioxidant, which is said to be a very strong dilator of blood vessels. As the antioxidant may help the blood flow more easily through arteries, it can protect against heart attacks, strokes and cancer. Studies also showed that women who drink oolong tea can reduce risk of ovarian cancer by 6%.

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