Nanjing Yu Hua Cha Green Tea - Rain Flower Tea 240g

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Drink a green tea that locals in Nanjing drink every day: Nanjing Yu Hua Cha, also known as 'Rain Flower Tea'. Sourced direct from one Jiangsu province' oldest tea gardens producting only Yu Hua Cha for over a 100 years. Beautifully packed in traditional packaging.

The dry tea are beautifully rolled in long thin leaves with a intense dark green colour. The tea steeps a bright light green tea soup packed with a complex flavour of nuts and beans.

Local Steeping Method for Yu Hua Cha

In Nanjing, locals often simply steep Yu Hua Cha in a glass. Here's the method:

Add 3-6 grams of tea into a straight glass, which is then filled 1/3 with hot water (80ºC / º175F).
Afterwards, swirl the glass to wake up the leaves and release aroma.
Then add water at fast speed to let the leaves circulate in the glass.
Now wait until the tea is cooled down to an appropriate temperature and sip.

Origin: Nanjing, Jiangsu

As the name already reveals, this green tea is produced in tea regions located near Nanjing, which is the capital of Jiangsu. The city has a subtropical monsoon climate which is favourable for tea production. As a result, Yu Hua tea was first produced in 1958.

The name 'Yu Hua' literally means 'Rain Flower' and is named after harvest region which is known as the 'rain flower terrace' (yuhuatai), where annually the tea festival is held in April to promote the tea. The story behind this area is related to a Buddhist legend in which a monk taught his dharma. His teachings were so divine that flowers started raining from the sky. Hence, the name 'Rain Flower' was a suitable name for tea from Nanjing.

Our Yu Hua cha is green coloured with shaped like pine needles. Once steeped with hot water, the leaves will spread out elegantly, releasing it's fresh, vegetal and sweet aroma. It's said that regular consumption of this tea can help remove internal heat, reduce fat and boost one's 'qi' (energy). Whether the health benefits are true or not, we believe it's one of the finest and most unique teas in the world.

Authentic Rain Flower green tea is prestigious tea, often bought as a gift to friends. It's also popular among government officials. This Teasenz green tea is hand made by one of the few tea masters in China who have the skill to process the young leaves by manual fixing, rolling, shaping and roasting.

Nanjing Rain Flower Green Tea leaves are processed with great care and have a delicate appearance and fresh taste. The tea has the healthy effect of protecting against food poisoning, refreshing the body, quenching thirst and cleaning the system.

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