West Lake Dragon Well Tea - Xi Hu Longjing

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The West Lake Dragon Well tea is without question the most famous green tea from China. Our Dragon Well tea is fully made according to original methods: It's handpicked and manually processed by skilled tea masters. The applied pan-frying method results in an outstanding toasty and nutty aroma.

Origin of the name: West Lake Dragon Well

The special name of this Chinese green tea refers to an ancient village 'Dragon Well' southwest of the 'West Lake'. This picturesque lake is loved by Chinese and foreign tourist for its leisurely charm, and it's the symbol of Hangzhou, China. It's surrounded by little pagoda-topped hills and wonderful bridges. To some the West Lake is considered as the representation of classical beauty of China.

South of the lake perhaps China's most well-known tea regions, named after the lake. The region consists of the 5 famous Dragon Well villages the original local tea is produced. Our artisan Dragon Well tea is sourced directly from small family farms in the Mei Jia Wu village.

Cold brew green tea

Slow cooking is popular these days, but did you know you can cold brew green tea? We tried with this Dragon Well green tea, and the result was amazing. There was absolutely no bitterness, and it draws out all the sweetness from mother nature. Watch the video to see how easy it is to do it yourself:

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