Wild Orange Pu'er Tea - 2018 Ripe Tangerine Puerh Cha

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This unique tea combines the pungent taste of oranges with the smoothness and earthiness of ripe pu erh. Our orange pu erhs are made by first removing the fruit inside. Afterwards, they're filled with perfectly ripened pu erh tea. This is followed by low temperure oven-baking, to allow the peel to dry and the tea leaves to fully absorb its scent.

Not only is this a truly unique tea, it's great for health too: The orange peel contains lots of vitamines and is also great to strengthen the spleen, while the soothing nature of pu erh aids digestion. No wonder it's an afternoon tea favourite in Guangdong province.

The taste of orange peel and pu erh go so well together, that even most people who don't like pu erh, still love this tea. Thus, you really don't have to have an acquired taste to enjoy this tea. So, uou don't like pu'er tea because it's to earthy for you? Well give it another try with this in wild orange aged pu'er tea.

Perfect to enjoy together with sweet cakes and cookies, or make it part of your afternoon high tea. To enjoy this tea, steep a single orange in a large teapot with water at 100ºC (212ºF) and wait for 4 minutes before serving. If you don't have a large teapot, you can break up the orange in 2-3 portions. If you just want to steep a mug for yourself, a 1/3 portion will be enough.

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