Yunnan Gold Tea - Premium Dian Hong Black Tea

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Without doubt the best Chinese black tea from Yunnan, with an abundance of beautiful golden tips. Offering a soft, savory taste with an intense honey-sweet and woody aroma.

Enjoy the highest grade of Yunnan Gold tea (a.k.a Dian Hong). This Chinese black tea is from the Yunnan province, which together with Fujian, are the most reputable Chinese regions for black tea. The delicate buds of this tippy tea are handpicked from ancient tea trees and fully manually processed based on traditional methods. This careful processing results in a wonderfully consistent looking tea with a golden appearance. 

Steeping time3 minSteeping temperature95 °C - 205 °FLeaves per 500ml / 17oz teapot2-5 gramTablespoons / 500ml (17 oz)1.5 tbspHarvest Year2023Tea SeasonSpringTea Caffeine ContenthighTea RegionFengqing (1800m)Tea ProvinceYunnanGluten-freeyesTea in Chinese云南金芽
If you find Lapsang Souchong too sweet or the Keemun black teas too intense, then go for our soft, savory Yunnan Gold with delicate honey and caramel aroma. It brews a wonderful yellow-orange and bright cup of tea that will light up your day. Our Yunnan Gold almost consists of pure golden buds and is the highest grade you can get at a yet affordable price. Our Yunnan Gold is the perfect tea to drink pure or serve with your favourite dessert.

Dian Hong Tea History

Though Yunnan is the birthplace of tea with thousands of years of history in pu erh tea production, the very first black tea from this region dates back less than 100 years ago. Black wasn’t produced until 1939 when the first Dian Hong tea was successfully processed in Fengqing county.

Yunnan Gold Health Benefits

Diuretic effect: the combination of caffeine and other substances in this tea get rid of toxics and decrease excessive amount of salt. The latter is often related to the hypertension. When consumed in moderation, it could also helps against heart diseases.
Anti-inflammatory effect: polyphenols in black tea can reduce inflammation and infection. The leaves in a tippy golden black tea like Yunnan Gold will even contain more polyphenols. This is why the leaves are also used in some region in China to coat wounds. In addition, it’s often consumed in situations of food poisoning.
Detoxification effect: tea polyphenols also at the same time can get rid of heavy metals and alkaloids found in modern food. Eliminating fatigue: caffeine in black tea has a longer-term effect (though less intense) and is therefore more effective in reducing tiredness and improving focus. It also increases blood flow and thereby improve the digestion of food.
Tooth health: believe it or not, drinking Yunnan Gold can strengthen your teeth! The downside is that black tea can potentially stain your teeth, so you’ll have to brush at least twice a day to keep them white and bright.

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